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AC coupled storage system don't affect your Feed in Tariff (FIT) Payments.  
If you already have a solar installation with FIT payments attached to it, you can still enjoy the benefit of battery storage in your home. When the AC coupled battery system is installed, the power being produced from your solar panels will feed directly into the battery after the demand for the house has been met. 
This solar power will have already gone through your generation meter and clocked up on there for you FIT payments but doesn't go through it again so doesn't affect the reading you give to you supplier. Because you get paid for whatever your solar generates and half of which is deemed export it pays you to use/or store as much energy during the day, you can then use this power during the evening and night. Because of the storage side of things you would be using more like 70 to 80% of solar production rather than around 30 to 40% without. 
The other benefit is that you can sign upto a tariff like Octopus Flux and benefit from the cheaper night time rate for your electricity. With these tariffs you can force charge the batteries during certain hours during the night which is extreamly beneficial during th ewinter months when solar production is down. 
Feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss your options. 
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